Founded in 2018, Gordons Bay now has an official office where tourist, visitors and locals can share and obtain information about our beautiful town and surrounding areas.

The Tourism office is still a very new and developing concept, but the team of helpful, passionate and friendly staff are readily available to help where they can, and offer a friendly hand to passers by. 

We offer booking facilities for adventure lovers, accommodation seekers and have general information at our finger tips.

Various resources are available for free to the public such as maps, routes.

Gordons Bay New Tourism Centre – 3.9.18

The time has come the Walrus said…………….. To raise our heads and show every other Town who will now be wearing “the crown”.
Sleepy little town ………………… Noooooooooooooooo, been there done that.
The ship is loaded, sails are set and we are rearing to go.
The unique bay of Gordons Bay has not physically changed since the first official recorded writings by Captain Robert Jacob Gordon in the late 1790’s.
So what has changed…………..????
The Captains of course………….captains of Industry, Captains of Tourism. The compass is set and ready for the next venture.
It is well overdue that we are introducing you to gorgeous Gordons Bay. Leave the best to last …
Come aboard and share with us her “maiden venture”, showcasing the exciting future of what we have to offer. Miles of beautiful oceans, exclusive beaches and exquisite mountains to name but a few of the fantastic features of our stunning Town.
Memories waiting to be made in unknown unchartered territory. Be it funky times or fun times or just peaceful and relaxed times. Gordons Bay is your Oyster to explore and enjoy whatever floats your boat. We are here to facilitate your idea of the best holiday in the best place in the world…..
Gordons Bay of course !!!!!!!!!
Take care,
Di Nosworthy

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