About Gordon's Bay

Heart of The Cape

Founded in 2018, Gordons Bay now has an official office where tourist, visitors and locals can share and obtain information about our beautiful town and surrounding areas.

The Tourism office is still a very new and developing concept, but the team of helpful, passionate and friendly staff are readily available to help where they can, and offer a friendly hand to passers by. 

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Get your business listed on Gordon's Bay Travel! 

We promote Gordon's Bay and our goal is to be the number one landing page for everything with regards to Gordon's Bay. Get listed in one of our many categories like accommodation, restaurants & café’s, shops and business with tags to be found easily. We have all the information about Gordon’s Bay and surroundings in one place. A comprehensive list of things to do in Gordon's Bay.

Gordon’s Bay is centrally located and as we say, 40 things to do within 40km, the Heart of the Cape!

As a NPO, we are not profit driven. Our revenues are reinvested to develop Gordon's Bay.

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