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Mary-Ann’s Natural Emporium

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  • Location: Mary-Ann’s Natural Emporium
  • Street: 74 Mountainside Blvd, Wasabi Park

Mary-Ann’s Natural Emporium is a haven for natural food lovers and vegans alike! From the moment you enter the restaurant space, you are overwhelmed by the smells of fresh bread and home-cooking, and, you know that from the minute you walk in you are in safe hands!

Mary-Ann and her family have made sure that there is NO WHEAT, NO SUGAR, NO ANIMALS PRODUCTS OR DERIVATIVES AND NO COLOURANTS OR PRESERVATIVES in any of their products or food.!

The Shearer Family live naturally and eat and use all of the products and foods in their store and are thereby testing and improving the quality and taste all of the time. They go out of their way to buy directly from farmers when they can and personally check the quality and growing methods before buying their produce. They try, as often as possible, to buy organic.. but, given the circumstances in South Africa, this is not always possible.

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Mark and Mary-Ann have been in the health industry since 1991 and have written several books and courses. Over the years, they have helped thousands of people all over the world take responsibility for their own health!
The flagship store in Gordons Bay is their factory, factory outlet and restaurant all in one, and they have another restaurant in Mouille Point Cape Town.

shopThe restaurant address and hours are;
Gordons Bay Shop is open from 9-5 for products, advice and light breakfasts, herb teas and coffee with Almond Milk and desserts made with Cashew Cream!
The (now famous) Vegan Buffet is out from 12 – 3.

Phone to book is 021-856-2500 or Whatsapp on 0823366747
Website: or scan in this code:

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