Gordon's Bay Development Trust

Gordon's Bay - Our Little Secret

GORDONS BAY DEVELOPMENT TRUST is a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) in the process of registered as a NPO, incorporated in the Republic of South Africa under REGISTRATION NUMBER IT001381/2018(C).

This website is owned and managed by the GORDONS BAY DEVELOPMENT TRUST as part of promoting Gordon’s Bay as a destination for tourists and visitors but also for investments. Gordon’s Bay is and should keep the image of a picturesque and quaint little seaside village surrounded by mountains away from the hustle and bustle in Cape Town.

Our businesses like restaurants, café’s, shops, hospitality, real estate, offices and other services must maintain a certain level of quality which can only be achieved when they are profitable. Therefore we strive to attract tourists and other visitors to come all year long and provide them with services that distinct us from other villages in the vicinity of Cape Town.

This website primarily function is to support all businesses that are located in Gordon’s Bay but also businesses in the surroundings that add value to brand Gordon’s Bay as the most central location or as we like to say, the Heart of the Cape.

We support businesses by:

  • Listings on the website;
  • Provide accurate, detailed and up to date information about Gordon’s Bay and surroundings;
  • Get “Gordon’s Bay” ranked as high as possible on Search Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others;
  • Campaign online and offline to brand Gordon’s Bay as the Centrally Located (Heart of the Cape), Holiday (Seaside) Destination and Golf Central;
  • Providing statistics and analyses about visitors, occupancy, investments, projects and ratings;
  • Organizing Events;
  • Support and training for online presence like websites and social media;
  • Advertising.

As part of a NPO, there is no need to make a profit with this website. All revenues from this website will be re-invested to maintain and pursuit the goals above.

Below the values of GORDONS BAY DEVELOPMENT TRUST are listed. This website is a contribution to these values:

  • Conflict resolution, the promotion of reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between the various peoples of South Africa.
  • The promotion or advocacy of human rights and democracy.
  • The protection of the safety of the general public.
  • The promotion or protection of family stability.
  • Community development for poor and needy persons and anti-poverty initiatives, including: the promotion of community-based projects relating to self-help, empowerment, capacity building, skills development or anti-poverty;  training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment 
  • The promotion, establishment, protection, preservation or maintenance of areas, collections or buildings of historical or cultural interest, national monuments, national heritage sites, museums, including art galleries, archives and libraries.
  • Engaging in the conservation, rehabilitation or protection of the natural environment, including flora, fauna or the biosphere.
  • The promotion of, and education and training programmes relating to, environmental awareness, greening, clean-up or sustainable development projects.
  • Research including agricultural, economic, educational, industrial, medical, political, social, scientific and technological research.
  • The administration, development, co-ordination or promotion of sport or recreation in which the participants take part on a non-professional basis as a pastime.
  • The provision of support services to, or promotion of the common interests of public benefit organisations contemplated in section 30 or institutions, boards or bodies contemplated in section 10 (1) (cA) (i), which conduct one or more public benefit activities contemplated in this trust deed.
  • The bid to host or hosting of any international event approved by the Minister, having regard to: the foreign participation in that event; and the economic impact that event may have on the country as a whole.
  • The Public Benefit Activities shall be carried on in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic or philanthropic interest, in the Republic of South Africa.
  • The Trust may, itself, conduct the Public Benefit Activities or it may provide funds to enable other approved Public Benefit Organisations to carry on these activities, on condition that no activity may directly or indirectly promote the economic self-interest of any Trustee or employee of the Trust or any person related or connected to any Trustees or employees of Trust.
  • Excess funds may also be accumulated or invested for future use in carrying on these objectives.
  • The Trust Property must be used solely for carrying on these objectives, and no activity may directly or indirectly promote the economic self-interest of any Trustee or employee of the Trust, or any person related or connected to any Trustee or employee of the Trust.

A copy of the registration of GORDONS BAY DEVELOPMENT TRUST is here and also read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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