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Bikini Beach Books

Friday, 30 November 2018 14:11 Written by 
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  • Location: Gordon's Bay
  • Street: Beach Road

The huge cursive sign, 'Bikini Beach Books' so reminiscent of 1950’s America suggests shelves packed with bodice rippers, Westerns, light reading and magazines, but nothing prepares you for what lies beyond those open doorways.

An iconic staple of the Gordons Bay beach front that’s been buying and selling books for over 25 years. This is a must visit for every bibliophile, The musty smell and rustle of thousands of books transporting you to another world. Books start at 50c and whilst it may all look a bit chaotic, there is some order to the madness.

They claim that it’s actually been cleverly structured to encourage book lovers to search and find! Which I promise you will – expect to leave with an armload of books! That said, fictional titles are alphabetical, while non-fiction books are grouped by genre. While they are not a library with books in categories, they generally know what is where, so just ask. Warning: Its very easy to get lost for hours!

Bikini beach books books inside

For the first time browser, the bookshop in Beach Road behind the three massive sentinel palms appears to be like many other second-hand bookshops with its tables on the wide veranda bearing boxes and piles of dusted off old books from someone’s attic or garage.

Contact: They deliberately don’t have a landline or website, but you can’t miss them on Beach Road.

They are open from 08:00-21:00 every day of the week (including Christmas Day and other holidays).

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